2 months ago
Customer service is out of this world! She even came right to my place, service in the comfort of my own home!
- Betty b
4 years ago
I highly recommend going to A Perfect Peach. The atmosphere is just peaceful and it’s nothing but good vibes. It’s a place where you can go get that box right and a place to let go and relax. Thanks to Ms. Julia and staff and the fertility and libido steam me and my husband have been able to spice things up. You will definitely feel a difference after your steam. I love it and will of course go again.
- Sterling W
4 years ago
The steams are amazing. I'm on my 4th steam and did the tightening treatment and the libido treatment. And i promise you "IT WORKSSSS" we definitely felt a difference. The staff are complete sweethearts and attentive. Make sure you feel out your intake form Because she makes the herbs according to what your body needs.
- Jesse M

Natural healing for the womb

At a perfect peach we offer the vaginal steaming bath also known as the steaming, Vagi steam, Hip bath & womb treatment, Bajos, Bertangas and Chai- Yok. This is a natural remedy and herbal treatment for the womb/Uterus. Vaginal steaming has been used for centuries known by women and well-respected by traditional healers across the globe in places such as Africa, Asia, and Central America. Vaginal steaming is used to revitalize the uterus and aids as an internal cleanser of the membranes of the vaginal tissues and the uterus 

 It's a powerful Ally for women's vitality in nourishing the uterus, regulating irregular Cycles, reducing menstrual pain plus imbalances and supporting fertility and reproductive health. It also supports spiritual & emotional cleansing. It's a healing experience that connects a woman with her feminine Center.

What Is V-Steaming (Yoni Steaming)?
Vaginal steaming, sometimes shortened to V-steaming, also known as yoni steaming, is an alternative health treatment where a woman squats or sits over steaming water containing herbs such as mugwort, rosemary, wormwood, and basil. 

 What to Expect Before Treatment and During Treatment? 
Once you arrive for your initial visit, you’ll be asked to complete our intake form and a yoni consent form if you haven't done so online. The intake form will collect general information about you, from contact information to allergy and health history information.
The Yoni Consent Form will provide further information and precautions about the service. Our guest care team will make sure that you have all your questions answered and that the steam from the herbs is ready to go when you walk in the room. Your special V-steaming hydrotherapy herbal mix will be tailored to your specific needs.
For your session, you will need to remove all of your clothing. As you’ll get pretty steamy all over, we find it best to remove all clothes completely. Then, you'll sit over a warm, relaxing herbal bath in our custom-made steam chairs and sip your choice of tea, wine, water, etc. while enjoying aromatherapy and relaxing music.
During the steam session, you can read, write, meditate, or do whatever you want. Our steam specialist will quietly monitor the steam temperature to make sure you are comfortable. Your guest care attendant will properly sanitize the chair, steam pots, gowns, and towels before and after your service is complete.
Use your steam gown to control how much steam you are getting; carefully tuck it in around you to get more steam or if you’re feeling too warm, lift it open to let some steam out. At the halfway point, the guest care member helping you will come to check on you.  

How Does It Work?

The tissues of the vagina are exceptionally porous and absorbent, and the warmth of the steam works to soften and open them. You will sit over a steaming pot of water infused with dried herbs selected for their medicinal properties. The combination of herbs works to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and make the vaginal and uterine tissues supple.

What Does V-Steaming Do? What Has Been Reported?
It has been tested and approved by generations before us, and its time has come in our modern culture. This ancient treatment for women has stood the test of time, and today, it has the incredible potential to significantly improve every woman's experience of her beautiful body.

Clients with endometriosis typically experience less period pain, lighter bleeding, and a better balance of hormones. This is considered especially important for fertility issues and/or incomplete emptying of menses each cycle.

Steams may also provide menstrual support, eliminate yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria, increase cervical fluids, relax the vaginal canal and cervix, nourish and tone the uterine lining, prevent and ease bladder and kidney stones, and more.

Since V-steams are ph-balanced, they aid in the natural toning of the vagina and uterine linings safely and gently. The warm herb-infused steam nourishes the vaginal and uterine tissues while improving circulation. It helps relieve symptoms that are caused by or related to congestion in these tissues.

Additionally, the steam helps increase oxygenation in the pelvis and dilate blood vessels in the area. The pelvic floor muscles tend to cramp or spasm before or during monthly periods, and V-steam helps relax these muscles. Some people believe vaginal steaming offers many health benefits and have called the practice a "facial" for the vagina.

Some of the reported benefits of vaginal steaming include: reduction of menstrual symptoms, such as significantly reduced discomfort, bloating and exhaustion associated with monthly cycles, decreased menstrual flow as well as reduction of dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses.

Vaginal steam bath regulates irregular or absent menstrual cycles and speeds up healing and tones the reproductive system after birth. There have also been claims from some women that it also relieves:
• Fibroids
• Heavy Bleeding
• Uterine Toning
• Yeast Infections
• Vaginal Dryness
• Vaginal Scarring
• Prolapsed Uterus
• Polycystic Ovaries
• Bladder Infections
• Hemorrhoid Relief
• Painful Menstruation
• Blocked Fallopian Tubes
• Vaginal Prolapse
• Odor
• Cramps
• Exhaustion
• Bloating
• Fertility Issues
• Hemorrhoids
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Digestion
• Generalized Pain
• Anal Itching

Other benefits include:
• Relaxation
• Weight Loss
• Vaginal Moisture
• Perineum Support
• Tightened and lifted vaginal canal
• Vitamin Absorption
• Balanced Emotions
• Hormonal Balance
• Uterine Strengthening
• Decreased Hot Flashes
• Menstrual Regulation
• Increased Circulation
• Reduced Stress-Induced Headaches
• Increased Energy 
• Heightened libido & sexual sensation
• Heightened Fertility
• Increased vaginal nectar( Clear pleasant-       smelling fertile mucus)
• Deep sleep
• Skin beautification
• Water retention disbursement

What Does It Feel Like?
Vaginal steaming feels like a gentle stream of warm air similar to steaming your face during a facial with a sense of a pleasant warm steam traveling into body. The hot water will release the medicinal properties and it is vaporized into the vagina, then into the bloodstream, and ultimately, into the uterus.
The medicinal herbal steam increases circulation, thins mucus, and cleanses the entire reproductive system, allowing it to shed unnecessary membranes and buildup. In doing so, we support the uterus to function at its best, thus reducing the amount of work it has to do, further lessening your discomfort. 

What to Expect After Your Service?

Most women come out of our Yoni room feeling very de-stressed and calm. The steam will have increased your blood circulation during your service. Some women experience light spotting for a day or two following your service. Your flow will be very heavy, dark and thick for just a day or two, and other times it just extends the length of your period to get it all out. Ultimately, your next periods will be much lighter and more pleasant than ever before. Look for changes in color, texture and smell.

Some may find their next period to be much lighter and more pleasant than before, others may require four to seven services to experience all of the benefits. We have even heard of some women experiencing a much heavier, darker, thicker menstrual cycle the first time after.
Most women have seen this as a full release and experience a much better menstrual cycle the next time around. It’s suggested to continue two to three Yoni steams to fully understand how it will benefit you. Be patient and listen to your body. 

 How Often Should You Steam? 

Most women come 1or 3 times per week. Women with 28-day Cycles or longer can steam on the 23rd, 24th, 25th day of the menstrual cycle. Women with 27 day cycles are shorter can steam on the 18th, 19th, 20th day of the menstrual cycle. Generally, if you’re addressing menstrual cramps the week before or after your menstrual cycle begins is great. Other women, especially those looking to address fertility or postpartum healing and toning, choose to come as many as three times per week.
when trying to conceive, Pause conception and steam for 3 to 6 months for a healthy uterus, steam three times in a row after period, Plus one steam before ovulation

Women addressing menopause come every  month. Really, it’s a matter of finding the right cadence for your body.

A woman should not do the yoni steam treatment if she has a vaginal infection, open wounds, sores, or blisters. Other cases where a V-steam is not recommended include:

*During Menstrual Cycles
Steaming while bleeding can be dangerous because the steam speeds up the blood flow and can cause heavy bleeding. Instead, steaming should be done before and after the period, which will help aid the natural uterine cleanse that occurs during the period.

For anyone that experiences spontaneous heavy bleeding--sometimes referred to as two periods per month, steaming is contraindicated. Because the steam speeds up circulation and opens the cervix, it might cause spontaneous bleeding to occur--which can be dangerous when it’s heavy.

Women with spontaneous bleeding who want to steam should go to an acupuncturist first and get herbs to get the spontaneous bleeding under control first

*If You Are Pregnant or Think You May Be Pregnant
Although very helpful to aid in healthy conception and excellent after giving birth, steaming is contraindicated while pregnant. Steaming while pregnant can be dangerous because the steam relaxes and opens the cervix, which could result in miscarriage or early labor.

For anyone that is trying to conceive, they can steam up until the point of ovulation and then they should stop. Steaming after insemination could interfere with the sperm, fertilization or implantation.

This is also true for medically assisted insemination. Steam up until the point of the IVF or IUI transfer and then stop until the pregnancy is confirmed.

Though steaming is very helpful for recovering after a miscarriage, do not steam before the pregnancy matter has cleared out. In rare cases, this might lead to heavy bleeding and can be dangerous. Start steaming after the pregnancy matter has cleared out and the bleeding has turned brown.
*If You Have Genital Piercings
Piercings must be taken out as the heat may cause the piercing to burn you.
Other Services/Products
We also sell herbal tinctures, herbs, and teas. V-steam party packages for bachelorette parties and the like are also available.

Please be informed that guests are allowed to bring in approved refreshments and BYOB. Herbal tea and water are free, and we also have specialty trays available upon request. Please contact us for more information as well as prices.

*Services privately or in a semi-private group setting*

Have a Yoni Steam Spa Party!
Invite your friends, sisters, and moms to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation! We offer party packages with a minimum of three guests at $100 and up to five guests at $150. Each additional guest costs $40.
This service includes consultations, as well as three herbal blends for you and your guests to choose from. Water and detox tea are included. Our party packages do not come with alcohol, but you are free to buy your own. We recommend something with low alcohol proof, such as wine and champagne, as alcohol will make your body temperature rise a little more than usual during your session.
You may reserve up to five guests. For parties with more than five guests, please use our inquiry form for questions and info so that we may accommodate a larger party.

You must fill out a intake form prior to your appointment so please arrive 15 minutes early if you haven't filled one out online.


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