Posted on Sep 11, 2019

A Perfect Peach

So, what is vaginal steaming? A vaginal steam is the ancient tradition of squatting over a pot of steaming herbal water. It’s a powerful aid for increasing a woman’s vitality in regulating her menstrual cycle, relieving stress and depression, improving her intimate relationship, and resolving reproductive disorders. It also supports emotional cleansing and healing. Regardless of health or age, vaginal steaming has benefits for all women and is an absolutely luxurious treatment that every woman should experience.
You may use various herbs in vaginal steams to nourish and heal the body, such as Calendula, Lavender, and Yarrow for reducing inflammation, healing scar tissue, and releasing excess fluids, Dong Quai Root for strengthening the uterus and increasing fertility, and Motherwort for balancing hormones and toning the entire reproductive system. As a basis, the herbs chosen stimulate circulation to the pelvis, cleanse, tone, nourish and/or heal the tissues. It tightens and firms the vaginal walls, uterus, ovaries, etc, and realigns them into their proper positions.
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