Posted on Sep 14, 2019

A Perfect Peach

Detoxify your environment, relationships and, of course, your own bodies from harsh chemicals and substances. Detoxing gives you a sense of well being, eliminate toxins such as heavy metals and industrial chemicals from the system and helps the body perform and function healthier.
Emotional detoxification – the release of the stored thoughts, memories, traumas and emotions that hold you back.
Painful memories, emotional scars and self-doubts persist in our bodies as emotional toxins. Like filing cabinets, our bodies store the memories and traumas that remain unprocessed throughout our lives. These stored emotions concentrate in the most powerfully charged parts of our bodies, becoming toxic if they are not released.
As women, we store many of our emotional toxins in our most potent energetic powerhouse – our yoni. The Sanskrit word for vagina and womb, “yoni” is a way of referring to the physical and energetic entirety of a woman’s reproductive system.
When you understand the importance of detoxifying your body and the critical role your womb plays in your life, it becomes glaringly obvious that clearing your yoni of both physical and emotional toxins is essential.
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